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It looks as though SoCawlege may have successfully predicted every Senate race this cycle. Assuming, of course, that Alaska, Louisiana, and Virginia all go the way we said they would. One hasn’t been called as of the writing of this article, and may go to a recount (Virginia). Another will take time to count (Alaska). The third will go to a runoff, but Cassidy, the Republican in Louisiana is in a strong position to win.

The night has taught us all a few things. First, NOTHING is inevitable in politics. Few people, such as the amazing Dana Perino of Fox News, were able to predict how close the Virginia senate race would end up being. Rick Scott’s win in Florida surprised us as well, since we called the race for the Democrat Charlie Crist, as many others did. Another gubernatorial race we got wrong (at the time of this article’s writing) was Rhode Island. It was a bullish prediction on our part for the GOP. Too bullish. Hopefully, we won’t mess up many more  gubernatorial calls, but we need to wait for the next few hours, or even days to find out. A handful of others could still go against us, (our calls) such as Kansas (D), Alaska (I), Connecticut (R), and Colorado (R).

If Republicans running for governor end up winning in those four states, the GOP will control an incredible 34 out of 50 Governorships. In addition, our House call was close, or on target. We have to wait to see the exact number, but it will be about 12.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will have a golden opportunity after tonight. It is time to GOVERN, not to grandstand. They must pass bills that are thought out, popular, and advance the agenda of liberty. If the President vetoes, then he will hurt the Democrats’ chances in 2016. If he ends up signing some, then America will start back on the right path again. Either way, it’s a win for the GOP.

The worst thing the Republicans can do is pick fights they won’t win, which will look petty in the eyes of the American people. Don’t try to fully repeal Obamacare without a plan to replace it. It has taken root, and full repeal without something in its place is impossible now. Most importantly, as long as a Democrat is in the White House, the reality of veto must remain part of the Republicans’ calculations. Both for practical policy reasons, as well as for optics.

Hey Harry, go home. 

Update: GOP wins Alaska senate, Independent wins Alaska governor. Kansas goes red for governor too. Current Governor breakdown: R – 31 D – 15 I – 1.  Vermont, Connecticut, and Colorado remain uncalled. All Democrat holds if they win. Republicans guaranteed minimum of +2 Governorships on the night.