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Who is Rick Ross?

Rick Ross is an American rapper, singer and entrepreneur. He founded the record label Maybach Music Group and has released studio albums like Teflon Don, God Forgives, Deeper Than Rap and Black Market.

What is Rick Ross real name?

His real name is William Leonard Roberts II


How tall is Rick Ross?

Rick Ross height is around 5ft 11in or 180 cm.

How much does Rick Ross weigh?

Rick Ross reportedly weighed 400 lbs or 181 kg before his 100 pounds loss, but now he weighs around 300 pounds.

What is Rick Ross’s shoe size?

Rick Ross’s shoe size is 12 US or 45 EU.

What is Rick Ross’s zodiac sign?

Rick Ross’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

When was Rick Ross born?

Rick Ross’s birthday is on January 28, 1976.

Where was Rick Ross born?

Rick Ross was born in Coahoma County, Mississippi, USA.

How much did Rick Ross loss his weight?

Rick Ross loose around 100 pounds.

Who is Rick Ross dating right now?

Currently Rick Ross is single. He has dated Nicki Minaj and Rita Ora in the past.