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Within a decade, Denmark’s iconic Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse will finally be swallowed by the sea.

The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was built in 1900 on the highest point of the cliff facing the North Sea, 200 meters inland and 60 meters above sea level. The lighthouse itself is 23 meters high, lit by gasworks and equipped with a foghorn for Danish wayfarers.

Unexpectedly, the sea began to move closer and the sand accumulated from the cliffs, building large dunes around the lighthouse. The sand piled up so high, it could hardly be seen from the sea. By 1968, the lighthouse stopped its operations, but stayed functional for a few more years as a museum and cafè. In the 1990’s, efforts were taken to plant vegetation in the surrounding areas to disperse the sand, but the wind and sands still overpowered them. In 2002, the lighthouse was completely abandoned to collapse, expected to be sooner overrun by the sea.










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