DuckDuckGo is a search engine, without the invasive spying. Its founder, 34 year old Gabriel Weinberg, says he launched the project with a vision to avoid the personal data collection that go to search engines like Google and Bing use to display relevant ads to its users. An interesting fact about DuckDuckGo is that during last summer’s Edward Snowden NSA scandal, they grew to 100 million searches per month. Look out for DuckDuckGo in the future, or visit them today at



In the city where major tech companies such as Facebook and Dropbox were born, this new mobile fitness app aims to track your running, walking, and other physical activities to monitor your health. Its founder, Jason Jacobs was praised by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a TechCrunch event last year noting Runkeeper as a promising startup. Jacobs raised $11.5 million dollars in funding from various venture capital funds and independent investors. Join the 30 million people around the world already using Runkeeper to improve their fitness levels.

New York


With increasing numbers of young adults meeting their significant other online through sites like eHarmony, Match, Zoosk, and Tinder, Hinge has a vision to match you with your Facebook friends’ friends. Hinge is bringing finding love the old fashion way through mutual friends back to life, through our smartphones. The company raised $4.5 million in July 2014 alone, and looks to have a major presence in the future of hooking up. Check them out here or on your smartphone.



Tired of your JetBlue frequent flyer miles never seeming to stretch as far as you need them to? Look no further, RocketMiles aims to help frequent flyers earn airline miles faster and easier just by booking hotel stays through their easy to navigate website. RocketMiles is already working with 12 major airlines and over 5,000 hotels destinations around the world. Such early success has also led RocketMiles founders, former Groupon Executive Jay Hoffman, Bjorn Larsen, and Kris Helenek to expand their business on an international level. Start earning miles faster today at



“Bitpay is going to change the way consumers pay for their goods and services” promises Tony Gallippi, founder and CEO. The bitcoin payment processor seeks to harness the potential of bitcoin, a software based online currency that allows users to send encrypted payments without the middle men involved in debit/credit cards and ATMs. Currently, Bitpay has potential to take off if more people begin to adopt bitcoin payment methods through their smartphones and computers. However Bitcoin still remains unregulated by the federal government and much skepticism still surfaces the security and legal practices of such payment methods. Have your business be one of 40,000 already accepting bitcoins today at


Proto Exchange

The future of manufacturing may in fact lie within 3-D printing. Making a footprint in an industry dying to take off, Proto Exchange mobilizes small scale 3-D printing shops nationwide to combine resources in an effort to handle large scale consumer orders. Currently, Proto Exchange helps businesses see all their available manufacturing options in a changing environment. Need 1,000 widgets printed by next week? Give Proto Exchange a try.

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