We all know about moving stories about people who haven’t given up or have been stubborn. We’ve heard stubborn people being praised and we’ve heard them being ridiculed or made fun of. Well, today we want to share the story of a brave 84-year-old lady who knew what she wanted and never gave up on her home. Read on to find out about her story.

20. A quaint little home!


The home in the picture looks like a quaint old home, but you will be quite surprised to learn about the story that surrounds it. Keep reading to find out the crazy story of the woman who refuses to sell it for the most heartbreaking reason…

19. A peculiar surrounding!


The house is owned by 84-year-old Edith Macefield, and if you can’t understand why there is a building surrounding it, you’ll be surprised to find out the real reason why.



A company was making a mall in the area where Edith’s house was and they wanted to buy the house and use the land. All the houses in the area sold, apart from Edith’s. She was strongly opposed to selling her house and even turned down an offer for a million dollars! But why would Edith refuse such an offer??

17. A Disney Wonder!


Something that will blow you away is that Edith’s house and story are actually the inspiration for the movie, UP! It’s crazy how similar the house from the movie and Edith’s house are. And just like the main character from UP! made a friend, so did Edith. Find out about him on the next slide.

16. New Visitor!


Barry Martin, a construction manager, soon met Edith and quickly became good friends with her! Their friendship would soon turn into something else, once the man learned some shocking facts about Edith’s past…

15. WAR SPY!


Edith has said that she had been recruited by British intelligence as a music student and sent to Germany to spy on the Nazis. Barry was totally blown away by this, however, the story of Barry and Edith’s friendship is even more amazing.

14. You got a friend in me!


Barry would check up on Edith every once in a while because he was working right next to her house. Soon this friendship became stronger and Barry soon found out something even more surprising about the old lady…

13. A secret for the ages!


“Where would I go? I don’t have any family and this is my home. My mother died here, on this very couch. I came back to America from England to take care of her.”, said Edith. “She made me promise I would let her die at home and not in some facility, and I kept that promise. And this is where I want to die. Right in my own home. On this couch.” Keep reading to find out the rest of this heart aching story, that will amaze you!

12. Independent Woman!


Edith has always been a somewhat independent woman and now with no family left, she is completely on her own. She is so brave on the outside, holding a strong demeanor, but we can all realize that she must be terribly lonely on the inside. But that will soon change…

11. Passing on…


As Barry became a close friend of Edith’s he learned a lot about her such as how her mother passed away in that very house and Edith herself was robbed at gunpoint in that house. In the picture you can see Edith with her house back in the 50s, proving how long she’s been in this house. However, Edith’s story is becoming even more interesting…

10. Care!


“I wasn’t spending weekends with her but during the week I was in and out of her house from dawn till way after dark, making her meals, taking care of the bills and the chores, the shopping and the laundry, as well as watching TV with her.” said Barry. “Finally she agreed to go to the hospital for tests. The news was not good – she had pancreatic cancer. ” he later revealed. Find out what happened next in the coming slide…

 9. Leaving us behind…


Edith died, aged 86, on 15 June 2008 at home on the same couch on which her mother had died after fighting a brave battle and living a full life. She left her house to Barry and his family.Barry sold the house for more than $300,000 to a businessman. He used the money to pay for his children’s college educations, and the future of the house has been in limbo ever since. Read on to find out the terrible tale of what happened to the house.

8. Limbo!


Her house soon changed hands and ended up with a renovation company who wanted to renovate so that it could be usable again. However, funding wasn’t enough and the project was stopped halfway through. Keep clicking through to find out the full sad tale of this house.

7. Broken Down!


The house went to a foreclosure auction at one point and failed to attract bidders. It has since been listed for sale with no asking price; since the residential zoning has lapsed. However, the city itself did not make it easy for people to buy it or live in it. Read on to find out the shocking details.

6. Betrayal!


The city of Seattle itself has been imposing heavy regulations on anyone looking to live in the house such as having to meet earthquake requirements and all sorts of requirements. It seems that the city favors more business construction and right now it seems that the house will be torn down soon. However, Edit’s house is not the only one in the world who shared the same story…

5. Another “UP” House


The UP house in Herriman, Utah was built by Bangerter Homes in early 2011. It was designed with the blessing and help of Pixar. This one doesn’t have a heart-aching story behind it, but it is quite cool. Click on to see what happened to it afterward.

4. It’s a sale!


There were many tours available for the house and it became an attraction for many people. Soon, however, it was bought by Clinton and Lynette Hamblin. They purchased the home in late 2011 and moved from California with their daughter Coral, and son Gunner, in early January 2012 to occupy the home. However, there would soon be an immense problem.

3. Against the code!

The UP house was built in a neighborhood controlled by a homeowners association with strict exterior paint color restrictions. After the Hamblins moved in, a discussion arose among neighbors and the homeowners association board as to whether the UP house should be forced to comply with the approved earth-tone colors. Click on to find out the final decision.

2. Drum Roll!

In March 2012, word came that the house would be granted an exception to the color rule to preserve the charm of the house. On this happy note, let’s go to the last slide.

1. Last Word


In the end, Edith got what she wanted, which was to die in her home, on the same couch as her mother. And so we should all remember to keep after what we want and be stubborn when we need too as it is not always a bad thing.