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According to Business Insider, Xi Xiaoxing has been charged with four counts of wire fraud for sending United States technology secrets to China. 

He faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted, and up to a $1 million fine. 

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“Prosecutors said the 47-year-old Xi had participated in a Chinese government program involving technology innovation before he took a sabbatical in 2002 to work with a U.S. company that developed a thin-film superconducting device containing magnesium diboride.

Superconductivity is the ability to conduct electricity without resistance. A superconducting thin film could be key to making computer circuits that work faster. Films of magnesium diboride are particularly promising for this use, and Xi helped developed a way to make them.

The name of the U.S. firm where Xi worked isn’t included in the indictment.

Michele Mucellin, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia, said she couldn’t comment on what positions prosecutors say Xi sought out, whether he received them or what exactly the device is.

Ray Betzner, a spokesman for Temple University in Philadelphia, said Friday that Xi was being replaced as chairman of the physics department.

“In light of Dr. Xi’s needs to focus on the matter at hand, an acting chair has been appointed to the Physics Department,” he said in a statement. “Dr. Xi remains a member of the faculty.””


Hey, it would be nice if we didn’t have traitors teaching our students. Temple is a public university which gets boatloads of money from state and federal sources. Maybe he should at least be put on leave, and prevented from teaching for now? At least until the charges are dropped/he is found not guilty. 

What exactly does a member of academia have to do to get dropped anymore? Teachers and professors don’t get fired even when they literally betray their country. What crime is needed to result in termination?