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The philosophy major who will eventually take those science courses

The philosophy major is the most vocal pre-med student. He or she will tell you that they know the back-end for getting into medical school, because they have a distant cousin who is currently enrolled. When you ask them when they plan on, you know, taking a biology or chemistry class they tend to run circles around the question and tell you that right now the focus is on the arts, because medical schools “like diversity”



The one with the “medical school or nothing mentality”

For this individual, there simply isn’t a plan B. Why you may ask? Because both of their parents are in the medical field. They spend more hours in the library per week then you will spend in the entire year. When they’re not studying and then re-studying, they are typically at TA office hours or getting yelled at by their parents on the phone for not having enough volunteer hours


The work-hard party-hard people

These individuals refuse to choose two in the photo below because they are convinced they can manage all three. (Typical freshmen misconception) They have medical school dreams but also want to live the American Pie college experience. (Typically doesn’t work out)


The one riding the wave

This person doesn’t have stress or anxiety when it comes to midterms or finals. They believe that if they get the bachelors of Science, there will be a medical school out there (even if that means going to the Caribbean) that is willing to accept them despite not having the competitive 3.8 GPA



The pre-medical, electrical engineering, AND computer science major

This is the Salmon Khan type of person – very rare. You may come across this breed of human at an elite institution like MIT or Stanford, but even there it’s often regarded as over the top. You really have to have a knack for math and science to do any of these three, let alone ALL three.

We love you Khan, keep doing you

We love you Khan, keep doing you



The biology to Health Science major

Biology was too hard and boring for this person, but they still want a career in medicine. Instead of sticking through and finishing up, they dipped midway through (usually spring term of year two) and switched to Health Sciences. These students fail to realize that in medical school you take up to seven science classes at once


The egotistical pre-med

This person goes out of their way to always mention how difficult their classes are. Daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about upcoming exams and class rigor struggles make it even worse



The music major who knocks off all the pre-reqs in two years

This person had a revelation about the whole “music theory” path and quickly managed to take the pre-requisite bio/chem/physics courses just in time for graduation. The party and bar jokes got old really quick too



The one back from active duty

These people are typically VERY disciplined from being pushed to their limits and never being able to make excuses for their mistakes. They tend to be older, a bit more mature, and know the value of an education more than the traditional student giving them the upper hand on everything from study habits to preparing for an exam


The cheater who gets by

This person utilizes former students who have taken the courses in the past for old exams, assignments, and projects. They also rely on the “trickle-down” of information from classmates in earlier classes for what to expect on quizzes and exams. Everyone in the pre-med program wants them as a friend for the benefit of information



The person who just LOVES natural science

While you were enjoying U.S. history and political science courses in high school, these students were preparing for the AP biology exam because they just love cells. While a vast majority of those in pre-med are just getting past the busy work of natural sciences for the bigger picture (medical school), the ones who love natural sciences actually enjoy science for what it is. These people realize down the road that research is more for them


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