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Some of you probably don’t recognize the names on this list, but hey, that’s why they are on it. Listed below are people who have become virtual laughing stocks in American media. They either have low ratings, or have been so discredited by ridiculous comments/actions, that whatever audience they do have shouldn’t take them seriously. At least we hope. Included are some of the stupider things they’ve said and done.

7. Ronan Farrow

Daytime MSNBC? Slightly beating the 2:00 AM infomercial market in the ratings.

6. Melissa Harris-Perry

 Should just call her show the Race Report. Race/ethnicity is an obsession over there.

But she owns your kids… so watch out:

5. Nancy Grace

 She’s crazy, and I haven’t met someone who likes her, or her show. Here is why:

4. Chris Matthews

 Tingles, as I call him.

3. Al Sharpton

 Not much to say here. We already have a full article on him:

2. Chris Hayes

Male Rachel Maddow. He portrays many of the same qualities that she does, such as a smug sense of elitism, a fabricated sense of intellectualism, and a sky-high ego. At least it’s how he comes across. When you get someone who can make a point on his show, this happens:

1. Ed Schultz

 By far the worst person on this list. Enjoy this hilarious tear down of Schultz by Anderson Cooper: