It is unfortunately that time of the year again when finals are quickly approaching. While it is also finally getting warmer out, we have to struggle through papers and studying for final exams, preparing presentations, and overall torture. At first we go into this time of year feeling motivated, but as the days go by, our motivation lessens. I call this the 7 stages of #finalsweekstruggles.

Stage 1.

Yes, this is a difficult time, but you can handle it. You’re feeling ready to go with your large Dunkin iced coffee in hand and you feel like you can tackle anything.

Stage 2.

Then, all of a sudden, your professors decide it is time to assign every project, essay, and assignment at once. They assume that you can get all this work done with two weeks left of the semester. Cue the heartbeat increasing.

Stage 3.

Alright, now it’s time to get down to business. You head to the library, backpack heavy, coffee hot, pencils sharpened. The search for a cubicle is intense, so all you want to do now is sleep.

Stage 4.

Eventually you decide to get a decent amount of work done and vow to not move from your cubicle in the library.

Stage 5.

The day of your first final exam has arrived. There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Stage 6.

You’re halfway through, you can do this! SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!

Stage 7.

You walk in to your professor’s office and hand in that 10-page paper like a boss even though you are 5 seconds away from falling asleep.


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