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This is a mega-list of the top 15 campus controversies for the months of April & May 2015. Enjoy.


Oberlin feminists put up posters naming specific Republicans and Libertarians as people who perpetuate “rape culture.” No real reasons for the charges were given.

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At U Michigan (and at many other schools as well), students rallied to get the film American Sniper cancelled. Luckily, they failed.

Of course, films which perpetuate violence in general (say for example a film about WWII where Germans are killed in large numbers) don’t get protested anywhere. It’s only a problem when it’s violence against specific victim groups. THEN student activists care. Cognitive dissonance is pouring down the halls at UMich.

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At the University of Pittsburgh, the anti-semitic hate group Student for Justice in Palestine decided to disrespected Holocaust Memorial Day.

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At the University of Maryland, a radical leftist was awarded by the NAACP even though he supports violence against police and militant revolution.

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Princeton professor Peter Singer was quoted as having said it is “reasonable” to kill mentally disabled babies once born. On his faculty page he says,“killing a newborn baby is never equivalent to killing a person…”

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Remember how we said Students for Justice in Palestine was a hate group? Well a grad student associated with UC Berkeley SJP has a history of racism on Twitter, that SoCawlege exposed in May. Bravo!

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A University of Washington event devolved into a complete clusterf%ck when racist trolls combined with self absorbed social justice warriors.

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A professor at Duke University clearly isn’t a fan of free speech. He blamed the targets of the Garland Texas shooting for the tragedy alongside the shooters themselves. Same level of blame I guess….

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A professor at Temple University was charged with multiple crimes. He is accused of betraying the United States and sending secrets to China.

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Safe space alert! Feminists at Oberlin college can dish it out but can’t take it. They will label people on the political right ‘rape supporters’ by name, but need a “safe space” for opinions they disagree with.

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Feel bad being called ‘spring admits’? Berkeley sympathizes with you, and wants to make their campus more inclusive. So they are doing away with the phrase “spring admits” for students starting in the spring semester, as opposed to the fall one. Campus Reform reports:

“According to The Daily Californian, the public school’s student newspaper, the change is an effort to make students who are admitted for the spring semester feel less inferior to those admitted in the fall.”

Well… if you were admitted in the spring only, and didn’t do something like study abroad or intentionally take time off in the fall…you likely WERE academically inferior to the fall admits. Kind of by definition. Why can’t we admit that some people are better at certain things than others? Why does EVERYONE need to feel like they are on par with everyone else. This is just a higher ed version of a participation trophy.

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Ithaca student government wants students to report “microaggressions.” Now how could this be abused?

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A UMass Amherst professor went crazy on Republicans, conservatives, and more in his tweeting.

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ASU students think “walk only zones” are microaggressions for the disabled. I give up with parodies.

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In what became a national news story, covered by the O’reilly Factor and many other outlets, SoCawlege called out incoming BU professor Saida Grundy for her disturbing tweets. Historical inaccuracies, racism, and more.  

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