People who hold hostile or mean spirited views have every right to retain those beliefs. This is America after all. But, others have a right to call those people out, and report on their disturbing comments. Otherwise, hate just festers in our communities and slowly takes our civilization down.

Kumars Salehi is a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley. He is a participant in campus politics, an open and strong leftist, and someone who appears to be very active in Students For Justice in Palestine causes. In addition, he seems to have a strong hostility towards white people (and, as it goes without saying, Israel).

If you go to his Twitter page, you will see this first hand. Here is what we are talking about:

white cry river






bed bugs white
















malcom white


This last one is great. Quoting Malcolm X, he says that all whites, by their nature, think/feel the same. Some “liberals” just lie about their feelings…. This is totally not a racist belief at all amirite? It’s not like he is suggesting there is something inherently different about whites generally, that make them all the same…. hahaha.

Of course, if a white student did the same thing Kumars has done, from tweeting stereotypes of a race, to quoting a racist, to saying he better calm down before he admits his racism to someone, to using a race as a derogatory term, Berkeley’s Campus would implode.

His timelines has many many more mentions of the word “white,” from mentions of white tears to Hollywood actors, etc…. it’s actually an obsession from our view. Perhaps Kumars should turn it down a bit. Maybe just a little?

At least he is okay with us calling out his bigotry:

call out culture


call out


You got it Kumars! No conflict avoidance here. Now, we can’t wait to see the Berkeley campus left defend you and your statements. Young, upper middle class, entitled leftists set the bar for conscious and unconscious hypocrisy.