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The Internet had a field day yesterday after Jeb’s campaign relaunch featuring a new slogan “Jeb Can Fix It” went viral on Twitter – and not in a good way…


Jeb’s long-shot bid for the 2016 Republican nomination is crumbling before his eyes. His refusal to pick up on on any hints whatsoever, or acknowledge that the campaign is on its death bed is more pathetic than any candidate still participating in the JV Republican debates.

His refusal to stop wasting donors money shows both his delusional mindset and feeling of obligation to the Republican nomination. As noted by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker back in March:

There’s a lot of people who are loyal to that family because of an ambassadorship or an appointment or something like that, so those people are going to show up big on his first report. What we’re hoping going forward are not donors of obligation but donors of passion, people who are passionate about the reforms we bring to the table.”

And Walker is right, the Bush’s have done just that. When George H.W. Bush won election in 1989, he had named a higher percentage of campaign contributors and “friends” to ambassadorial posts than any of his five predecessors had done. When George W. Bush won re-election in 2006, he appointed his Yale fraternity brother, Michael Wood, to ambassador of Sweden among many others.

And lets not forget the sole reason Jeb became Governor of Florida in the first place was thanks to his last name despite his pointless attempts at running from it.

The sad reality for Jeb is, it’s hard to run for President of the United States when nobody likes you. The resentment of his brother and father’s greater “success” in the family business of politics has led to a campaign scolded by the American public, and now to a desperate relaunch.


Jeb can’t “Fix It”, so don’t let him fool you