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When Devin Graham uploaded his YouTube video of him and his friends doing the world’s largest rope swing under Utah’s Corona Arch, everyone wanted to do it.

The Corona Arch in Moab, Utah, also known as “Little Rainbow Bridge,” is a naturally-formed sandstone structure arching with a 140-foot by 105-foot opening. Located in a side canyon beside the Colorado river, it is the site of the biggest and wildest Tarzan-swinging the world has ever seen. Devin Graham and his friends took a 150-ft rope anchored to 5 points to create a 130-ft drop. Their swing became a sensation and inspired many thrillseekers to do the same.

One unfortunate thrillseeker though, miscalculated the drop and crashed to his death against the sandstone base. So unless you’re smart, you won’t attempt doing the Tarzan move here anytime soon.


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Video source: Infinite Legroom

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